Dushe Moya

The magnificent sun lowers its beams over the tireless mountain peaks
A place long habited by Romans and Greeks
Entering the beauty of musical makings high
Our voices smoothly whisk out its first amen cry
Another concert after a year of abundance of fear
Bringing light into our audience, they hear
Sopranos and altos tremolo beauty
We ensure to deliver to our choir duty


Rachmaninov and vespers Russian heritage
Delivering a chorus with a mighty and sacred edge
Dushe Moya, our audience soul, is filled
silently listening and heartily thrilled
From fortissimos ground shaking tremble
To our pianissimo’s beautiful assemble
Revealing our full register and unity clear
Slavic tones and chores they hear


A few days of pure joy and happiness we go
Into the autumn with an uplifted soul
Repeating our Perugian musical delivery
Our home will soon be able to see
This beautiful choir take to the sacred stage
Where tones of might and feathery piano will ring
Truly we open our scores and blessed we sing
Thankful for the time we end
This chapter and future-directed transcend